Thursday, April 3, 2014

Woody Ellen bags

Dear readers,

Last Saturday was a lovely, sunny spring day, a perfect day for shooting these wonderful bags in a beautiful park full of cherry and magnolia trees.
Behind brand Woody Ellen is Ellen Cornelis, Belgian illustrator and painter, creative lady with magical hands,living in Lovendegem, near to Ghent.  She converts her beautiful painting into these wonderful bags.
Every bag is painted with a lot of love and creativity, on water resistant fibre. Every move of brush is precise and magical.

You look for something vintage inspired, colorful and elegant? Then take a look in her website or online shop, I m sure you will find something for yourself. You can choose between more different collections, different sizes of bags, and there you can also find wallets and little charming mirrors.

Photos © Milan Swolfs
MUA/Styling: Me
Bags: Woody Ellen
Location: Eeklo

Collection: Honeybird

Collection: Blossom

Dress: Pin Up Girl Clothing
Shoes: Primark

Monday, March 24, 2014

Ladurée Macarons, the "sweet caviar".

Dear readers,

The Parisian pattisier Ladurée was the first Macarons producer and became famous all over the world with boutiques in Paris, London, Geneva and recently also in Antwerp (Belgium). Like in Paris, it is a small but yet very romantic shop. In Antwerp the boutique is situated in the Schuttershofstraat, in the centre of the town. 

I am a big fan of these rainbow colored, multi flavored almond cookies with their rich palette of different tastes, textures and of course the smooth filling. 

We were delighted to work together with Ladurée in Antwerp in this marvelous atmosphere. A blue painted sky, french perfume, the aromas, the furniture and decoration brings me back to Paris in the roaring twenties. 

I hope this pictures will give you appetite for more of the "sweet caviar".

Photos by Milan Swolfs
Model/Mua/Hairstyle: Dragana Subotic
Location/Partner: Ladurée Antwerp

I m wearing:
Dress, hat, pearls: Vintage
Shoes: Deichmann

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Gone but not forgotten

Dear readers,
First of all i want to apologize for my absents I had realy busy weeks. Some of you might remember from my previous posts that currently I moved in with my boyfriend in Belgium. But I promise you regularly updates with a stories and a lot of photos. 

Since I came here weather is so beautiful and spring already came so we couldn't miss that opportunity to take some photos. We were again in Brasschaat, near to our home. First time when I saw this location I said we must do photos here. It is really a magical and romantic place.
I present you some my favorite items: pillbox veiled hat (NY gift from my BF) and this Pleaser shoes.

I v got this wonderful Bordello Pleaser shoes thanks to I Love Sexy. Search website and find some nice pieces for yourself. Except shoes you can find nice clothes and interesting costumes.

Photos by Milan Swolfs

Make up: Me
Blazer: H&M
Skirt: Vintage
Hat: Ercegovac Belgrade
Shoes: I love sexy
Pearls: Vintage

Friday, February 14, 2014

Perfect gift for Valentine

In this post you can see this beautiful necklace which I got from my love. It is handmade by  Mme Bovary from Belgium.

      Mme Bovary specializes in designing and creating romantic jewelry and accessories with bohemian flare for modern woman.
Every piece is lovingly and carefully handmade by Mme Bovary herself. The main themes in her collection are crystals,  porcelain and brass. These fantastic materials are elegant, soft and give a feminine touch to each peace of jewelry.  

It can be perfect gift for Valentine's day or anniversaries. 

                                                                    Mme Bovary Facebook page

Happy Valentine's day to everybody. Enjoy in your love, show it, make little and sweet surprises everyday, celebrate love like every day is Valentine's day!

                                                                                                     Photos by: Milan Swolfs

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lately on instagram

I realized I posted just one instagram post, even I like instagram so much. I don't know how that happen. Here are some photos I posted lately there.

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